Sunday, 31 January 2010

Au natural!

I did a little window shopping with my mum who came to visit me in Edinburgh. My mum has a thing about her eyes and has thousand of under eye concealers and creams. She is also like me and if a lovely sales assistant offers something to you she buys it. Well this weekend was no different and she got Estee Lauder's Resilience lift Extreme concealer. This is actually a nice concealer and has the added bonus it has an SPF of 15. I like Estee Lauder but i do associate it with the older lady. This concealer is in stick form and easy to apply and provide full coverage, my mum didn't have a dark circle in site!
I didn't get any make up sadly :-( but i did see soon things i would like to put on my wish list.

Now am not a big fan of Benefit, I think you pay for the fancy packaging and the amounts you get aren't alot but i do love there blushes. The new blush to enter the range is called sugabomb! I have to say i was a little disappointed, it isnt highly pigmented so you really have to get alot on your brush to get any colour on your cheeks. I am thinking this would be good at adding a soft subtle pink simmer to the cheeks and face. I am not a shimmer fan but this could be nice to finish your make up off on a night out but not for this seasons natural make up look. I would suggest Benefits Dallas or Mac bronzer in Golden brown or my personal fave Mac in swoon! These can be easily for a day look or jazzed up for a hot night time look.

Pink Swoon MAC

Golden MAC


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