Sunday, 31 January 2010

Au natural!

I did a little window shopping with my mum who came to visit me in Edinburgh. My mum has a thing about her eyes and has thousand of under eye concealers and creams. She is also like me and if a lovely sales assistant offers something to you she buys it. Well this weekend was no different and she got Estee Lauder's Resilience lift Extreme concealer. This is actually a nice concealer and has the added bonus it has an SPF of 15. I like Estee Lauder but i do associate it with the older lady. This concealer is in stick form and easy to apply and provide full coverage, my mum didn't have a dark circle in site!
I didn't get any make up sadly :-( but i did see soon things i would like to put on my wish list.

Now am not a big fan of Benefit, I think you pay for the fancy packaging and the amounts you get aren't alot but i do love there blushes. The new blush to enter the range is called sugabomb! I have to say i was a little disappointed, it isnt highly pigmented so you really have to get alot on your brush to get any colour on your cheeks. I am thinking this would be good at adding a soft subtle pink simmer to the cheeks and face. I am not a shimmer fan but this could be nice to finish your make up off on a night out but not for this seasons natural make up look. I would suggest Benefits Dallas or Mac bronzer in Golden brown or my personal fave Mac in swoon! These can be easily for a day look or jazzed up for a hot night time look.

Pink Swoon MAC

Golden MAC

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Make-up looks for 2010

Natural nude make up is the way forward in 2010! The no makeup makeup! I like this look its fresh and perfect for spring.

Another big look this spring is the smokey eyes (i love this for a night out) but with red lips, very 80's. I havent really tried the red lips I just havent found MY perfect red!

Coloured eyes will be huge! Mixing contrasting colours and eye liners. Looks very nice, you need the imagination and patients for this!

Poo! Thats strong!

OK today I spent 2 hours of my life listening to a rep try in sell me Australian bodycare. It wasn't want we signed up for and it was a waste of my money.(I could have got a mac eye-shadow!) The products sounds really impressive. The Hand and body lotion contains 2% tea tree oil and we all know how good tea tree oil is, its anti-bac,anti-viral, anti-septic among other things. This cream is great for soothing and calming skin as well as moisturising. I didn't like it. It smelt so strong! Very tea tree! (duh) I know its tea tree oil lotion but it smells too strong it actually made me feel sick because of how strong it was. If you like the smell then its great for you but it really put me off. Think this product is good for after wax care and maybe if you have sore irritated skin.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Isnt she lovely!

Isn't this picture of Kim just AMAZING!! I love her look, her skin is so good and make up is always immaculate!The eyes, the lips, the cheeks it just looks stunning! Who's you make up celeb wannabe? Kim is defo mine!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

All ages, all races, all ages

Am uber excited about the up and coming collects Mac have coming out in the UK but no one can tell me when its hitting the UK and I cant find it online.
Lillyland is a very cute, very girly, full of neon bright colours.This range has been created by Lily Pulitzer. This collection is made up of
,4 lipgelees

, 2 kohl

,a face powder

4 creamblend blush

2 nail polishes

and 2 brushes.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Just Dance,

Well had a great night out last night! It was my mate Rikkis's birthday and we all headed out to Indigo Yard for dinner! Indigo Yard is a lovely bar with two levels and we had most of the upstairs level to ourselves.
We then went to Decade of Dance at Berlin night club and had a great dance and maybe one or two (OK I had 4) Jagerbombs!! Wore my new shoes but i did take flats just in case and am glad i did, my shoes lasted till about one o'clock then I had to change!
I chose purple eyes with lashes and nude lips and big hair! Great!

Indigo Yard


Thursday, 21 January 2010

I hope this is a joke....

Now I love Youtube, It has everything on it and I love watching product reviews and make up tutorials. I have subcribed to a few good ones that I watch regualy. Now i came across this little beauty..I think it is made by a budding comidiem well i hope she is a budding comedium. You should really look this girl up she has some funny make up tutorials...

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I had an accident!! I would normally get my hair coloured at the dressers but since i have been red it fade so quickly i like to top it up with a home job now and again, well the time had come for a top up and did everything the same. I thought it was a little darker than usual but wet hair can be cant it? I dried it then horror, IT WAS BLACK!! I had a bad experience when i was 14 with black hair and the horror still lives with me. I cant look in mirror now without hearing the tauts of being called Elvis!! It needs to go! My hairdresser is booked til next wed so I will have to go on my night out(that i have been looking forward too) with a Gothic head of hair!Gutted!



Cheap Haul!

Look at all the nice things i got! I did a little bit of retail therapy clothes wise, I haven't bought any nice new clothes for a while. The bag is my favourite, its fringes are so on trend just now and its so soft...a bargain at £14.99 H and M's finest!
I love this chunky flowers ring, purple is one of my favorite colours another steal from H and M....£3.99!! I will be wearing this all the time!

I also got beautiful shoes for my gorgous dress that my boyfriend got me for my christmas, I am going to my good mates Rikki's birthday night out on Friday! Cant wait! These shoes are from New Look and with my student discount i got them for ..wait for it.. 20 squid! Oh i love a bargin or two ok maybe 5!

Everyone Go Nude!

I bad...again! I bought something else from Mac, does anyone know of a support group?? But it was totally worth it! I got a lipstick that i have been looking hi and low for and there it was right under my nose, in my fave place...Mac!
Its called Myth and its the perfect nude colour, its creamy, it smells gorgeous and it looks great on. Now this colour isn't for everyone, It will make the pale skinned paler!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Am bad...

My bursary from college went into my account on Fri so i decided on Saturday i would hit the Mac counter..again! OOOHHH am sooo bad! But i got some great stuff!
First off i had seen on another blog that i follow that this girl was wearing a gorgeous gold colour and found out its Mac in goldmine. I lovely bright gold that will blend beautiful into many colour. I think this could be really fun on a night out, very dramatic! I don't normally do shimmery colour but if its a big night out i like something different. I will definitely be wearing this on Friday night for my friends birthday dinner and night out.(Just Little bit excited about it)
I also got Mac sliver ring great for that smoky eye effect, I have been looking for a good silver for blending and adding something special to tired looking eye shadows.
Now here's what am super excited about-I got my first ever pigment pot(yes its taken me a while) For those who aren't familiar with these Wow pots(am sure there is only a few of you) these pots will give you extreme colour! As the name suggests they are highly pigmented and you only need a little, great value for money as these pots will last forever! You really need a primer before using these as they can be(will be) very messy, I would do your eyes before you apply foundation. I bought it in Teal and that's what it is a deep highly coloured teal colour, it is shimmery but this is not a colour i would use every day just for a dramatic night time look. Now i got a paint pot also to use with Teal in delft also a greeny blue colour this makes the pigment stand out more so for an even more dramatic look. I would use this with mac's carbon or black tied.

1. Paint pot in Delft
2. Goldmine
3. Sliver ring
4. Teal pigment
5. Delft and teal (delft is under teal)

Now my laptop is working again (thank god!) and i going to add "what am wearing today" make up pictures as i have to wear a full face of make up to college sometimes it looks pretty good.

This is the look i wore yesterday(we went to Nando's for lunch, yummy and then went to see Avatar in 3D, it was soooo good)

Eyes: Mac in Blance Type (eye shadow)
Mac in Espresso (eye shadow)
Mac in Magic dust (eye shadow)
Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash (mascara)
Mac in Smoulder (eye pencil)

Face: Mac select foundation SPF 15 in NC 35
Mac pressed powder in NC 35
Mac Bronzing powder in Golden
Mac blush in Pink swoon
Mac cream color base in Pearl

Lips: Mac Lipgelee in jellybabe

These colours i wear everyday apart from the eyes I would normally just wear Blance Type on my eyes and some liquid eyeliner.

P.s I have just order some more Mac Product's I think i have a problem....

Friday, 15 January 2010

Too Cover or Not To Cover

I have been asked about foundations, I love my foundation that I wear, so much that i haven't worn anything else for the last 5 years and Hey if it works...I wear Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NC35 and I will sing its praise at any chance I get but I do understand this foundation isn't for everyone as its quite oily but its perfect for my very dry skin.Also with the added bonus of sun protection and that's always good. The pump makes it easy to control the amount you use, I only use one pump and its enough for my whole face and give fantastic coverage(am biased)
Mac's range of colours is very large from the porcelain whites to the darkest of skin but it also has so many different types of foundations. So head down to your Mac counter and test some till you find the perfect colour.
The foundations available are:

Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15

Studio Sculpt SPF15

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Studio Tech (My sister Claire wears this one, perfect for her oily skin type)

Studio Stick Foundation SPF 15
Face and body Foundation
Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15
Pictures of these will follow, bloody laptop broken!!! BAH!

Try Something Different!

Now my mate lynsey has asked me to review BeneFit eye shadows and i have to tell you honey there is sooooo many better brands of eye shadows available. Yes they are good shadows but they are not the best!
Bobbi Brown has some of the most luxurious, wearable and so so chic eye shadows. They don't have mad crazy colours, there shadows are warm, natural and so classy. The packaging is slick and shiny and looks great in any make-up bag. There is a colour to suit all skin tones, your bound to find a colour for you.
Camel is one of my favourite in this brand, its a gorgeous golden brown colour but strangely is very matte. It brings a real natural warmth to the eyes, its also good as an over all blender shadow on top of other shadows. It may be £10 pound but these shadows go the distance and will enhance your own natural beauty!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

If the Blush is Right

Well I have been asked to review some BeneFit product so am going to start with the cheeks.
Now i love Benefit powder blushes but that's not what i am going to talk about its there Sheer Cream Blusher.
This is a cream blush and is available in 3 natural glow colours, its a limited colour selection but these blushers are so sheer there will be a colour that is just for you.
Its a matt shadow with no glittery bits(I love that), its quite pigmented but you only need a little and it will go a long way.
They go on so smoothly even with your face full of primer, foundation etc. etc. These blushes have no orange tone that can give you the Ummpa Lommpa look, just a warm natural glow to your cheeks that will bring a warmth to your face to see you through the winter months(and we all need that).Only downside its hard to squeeze out the tube but if this is the only worry its worth a wee wonder down to your local Benefit counter.

My lovely lady lips.....

Just saw this product and had to blog about it...

Its blush for your do i say this...OK i will just come out with it. Its blush for you vajaja! Yes seriously!
Its called Pink Lips and is a available in 4 colours. Now i would never buy this i don't know who would but at the moment 2 colours are out of stock as they have been selling like mad! It was featured in an TV show recently and since then people(WHO?WHO?)have been going mad for it.
I don't know how it works, why people would buy this or why someone thought there was a market for this but here it is. ICK! ICK! ICK!

This is the description that is given on the web page
My New Pink Button (tm) is a temporary dye to restore the youthful pink color back to your labia. There is no other product like it. This patent pending formula was designed by a female certified Paramedical Esthetician after she discovered her own genital color loss. While looking online for a solution she discovered thousands of other women asking the same questions regarding their color loss. After countless searches revealing no solution available and a discussion with her own gynecologist she decided to create her own. Now there is a solution!

Its WRONG!!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Winter Warmers!

Now Mac have some winter warmers for us, to keep us warm and cosy(see what i did!) when it is so bitterly cold out side. This is Mac's Warm and Cozy range. This range came out on Boxing day(26th December) trying to bring some joy to us Brits that have been snowed in or suffering frost bite.
Now i don't feel these colours are very "warm" more nude and natural with lots of browns and neutral colours but nothing that really stands out as "warm" All colors are very wearable and there are some really nice products in this range.
The eye shadows modelette, mulled cider and chamomile are all really nice. That's what they are just..nice. I like these colours, these are colours i would wear but are they really any different from colours we have see before? When Mac do a new range i want something that says WOW!

Now the shadesticks are pretty impressive, they are highly pigmented and apply smoothly and are very slick. My favourite are cuddle and relax. Cuddle is a white with a hint of gold and is great as a highlighter and relax is just a lovely chocolate brown colour.

Now in this range though is something WOW but it isn't a make up product its the essential oils. These oils can be used under or mixed with your moisturiser, a few drops in your bath or in an oil burner. There are two to chose from sweet orange and lavender and grapefruit and chamomile, both smell amazing and very good at relaxing you and helping you get your 8 hours. Beauty sleep is always good.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Potion that really is magic

Well I have been asked to reveiw the fabulous Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion.
This really is a magic potion, i always thought i had never really had a problem with my eye shadow slipping but then i got a new camera and by the end of the night i found my dark heavy eye make up had slid down my face! Not a good look. Now i had never used a eye primer before so had no idea where to start so i looked online and this little beauty kept popping up. When i preped my eyes with this product i have no creasing, no smudging and the colour of my shadow is intensified! This product glides on and really does provide a smooth even surface for u to start applying your favourite shadow. With using this product you really WILL notice a difference.Your shadow will be well and truely unmoveable until you decide to remove it. A must have for eye shadow lovers! Now there is a downside sadly but its not with the product its self its the packaging. Yes its looks nice on your bedroom table but you spend ages trying to get the product out after you have used half of it.
This product is £11 and i think well worth the money. Primers for the lips, face and lashes are also available.

Nerissa i cant seem to find any where thats going to stock Alice in Wonderland palette but it is still available online. You need to get it! Alice in Wonderland was made for you!

Alice In Beauty Wonderland

Some exciting news from Urban Decay this morning, a new eye palette inspired by the up and coming Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland.
Now this isn't available till January 15th and then its only available online at Urban is thought it may be available from March in the shops and is limited stock in the UK only 2000!!!! I think this product is going to sell like hot cakes so if you want it buy it online on the 15th!!!
This eye palette has 16 shadows all named after parts of the Alice fantasy, 2 eyeliners(black and teal) and Urban decays AMAZING eye primer potion(this is a must for all eye shadow prep)
Now I am not a fan of the colours all are very shimmery which is fine but i do prefer a matt eye shadow and this palette doesn't have any matt I guess these colours are fun and if you like to use mad exciting colours on your eye then this would be great. I like to colour called wonderland. It is a soft gold colour but I wouldn't pay £28 just for that colour.
The Box is nice, its a pop up scene from the movie which looks nice but its all a little over the top for me. Nice for some just not for me.

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