Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My Mac haul!

My day has been very productive! My project didn't take as long as i thought at all! Only an hour and a half as as i was doing it I managed to watch 3 episodes of Gavin and Stacy(best show ever)
After i was finished i showered and pottered around wondering how to spend the last day of the holidays as Rory had already gone to work. I then decided i would go and spend my hard earned cash in Harvey Nicks. So off i went...

I got a few new bits that i will tell you about in later post but the one item i did get i have to tell you about.

Its part of the Love Lace that is a new range that Mac has just now.Its a small collection with two lipsticks, two glosses, four eye shadows, three kohl powders, one nail polish and a couple of products that they are re promoting it kind of reminds me of last years collection chill collection.Which the gloss i bought to day first featured.

I bought two of the Love Lace products today and i just couldn't wait to try them. The one am going to tell you about is one of the lipglass glosses and its called icescape.
This is a sheer almost transparent gloss with pinky/purple glints(but no glitter feel) through it. It looks very interesting on your lips, fresh looking. It has a milky glassy look that I just love.
It goes on very smooth and I noticed it lasted a long time but be warned with all lipglass glosses I find they are not good in windy hair blowing situations. Edinburgh is very windy and I found after one gust my hair was all up in my gloss! But anyway I feel this colour is worth it. As this gloss is being re promoted i think its a Mac keeper. I always worry with Mac collections as most products are limited edition and Mac arent very good at reintroducing new colours.
I think this is a colour everyone should give a go as it will go with many skin tones. Go on treat yourself, I did!!


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