Tuesday, 12 July 2011

June Favourites!

Hi guys, was watching GregoryGorgeous on youtube this morning on my day off so I thought I would do a little piece on my favourite products this summer!

So lets start with hair products -

First up I was introduced to these products by my sister Claire, who unlike me has very long and thick hair with a beautiful natural wave. She always has major big hair which am always envy-us of! She let me into a little secret she uses Samy fat hair "0 calories" hair products! I started with using the thicken spray on my hair before blow drying and I could really see a difference. My very fine hair had some volume! So I tried the thickening cream and this is he most amazing thing! I use this right in my roots before drying my hair every time and I get compliments on now done my hair was. SCORE! I use there hair spray too but this is too much for every day as it gives serious hold and mega height! Available at boots.

I bleach my hair, I am naturally a light ash brown but I have been blonde for as long as I remember with a few we changes every now and again. At the moment am a very bright white blonde and to keep it bright and white I use lo'real sliver shampoo every other day. This takes any yellow tones out of your hair leaving it almost grey white, Warning don't use this every day or you will end up with a blue rinse. This can be bought at sally's and is around 8 pounds.

My hair hasn't been in the best condition so when my hairs wet I use RUSK deep shine oil, its a protective oil treatment that can be used on wet or dry hair. Its mostly argen oil which smooths cuticles and eliminates frizz.
It helps protect against damage caused by chemicals,thermal styling and the environment. It has really improved the condition and is my hair life saver!!
Available at sally's

Fake tan -

Beyond Bronze airbrush self tanner is my fave fake tan for my face. Its so easy to apply, 3 long strokes going the top of my face to the collar bone and your done! Easy! It has a real natural colour but dark enough to give you a golden look. It can be built up, if you like it really dark wait for it to dark in and apply again!
It 14 pounds and available at superdrug.

Cosmetics -
Tan Tint skinsheen bronzer stick from the MAC surf summer collection, a few months ago I mentioned I was after the Mac foundation stick but they were discontinued(come on MAC what you playing at) any way got over that when I found this. Its a bronze stick which is fab for contouring and making yourself super bronzed. I was told if these sold well they would be put on the permanent collection!!!YEAH!!! I hope you all got yours! As i believe this is a keeper!

What your June faves??

Friday, 8 July 2011

Jellybabe reincarnated!

Am so bloody excited you have no idea!!!

I got this month issue on Marie Claire, I am a subscriber of this magazine, i love all the free stuff you get, they had nails inc a couple of months ago and now this month they have Ciate lipgloss. They have two colours available hot pink and nude. I, of course chose the nude one. I opened it today and tried it! OMG! its almost identical to my beloved lipgelee jellybabe from MAC that they discontinued.(WHY WHY WHY!)

Same colour, lovely vanilla smell though not as high shine as lipgelee but still very glossy. Its almost a lux tinted lip balm. As soon as I put it on I had to blog.

These lipglosses are £9 normally and Marie Claire mag is £3.70 so its a bargin. Ciate is famed for there lux nail polishes, though i have never tried them. (am a gelaration jessica kinda gal)

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Sorry I have not been about much Virgin changed there internet and it doesnt work on computers older than one year old! How mad is that? Anyway they sent a cable so am back online old skool style.

I have been so busy, I went away for my dermalogica training in Glasgow. It was 4 days training of full on skin care and I bloody loved it! It went into great detail about skin health which is there motto. We learned about all the products in depth and how to use these products to give the client maximum results.

I have been using Dermalogica since I was 19, I was introduced by blogger Mikaela who was my muse for all things beauty. She introduced me to looking after you skin, make up (which I had never really used) and suncare! So I knew how to use the products and was aware of all the ranges they have.

I decided to buy a few things while I was there as they were tax free so how could I not. I purchased the special cleansing gel - This is a soap free face wash which removes any grime, excess oil and make up without striping the natural oils and disturbing the skins natural PH balance. It does exactly that! I normally used essential cleansing solution this is great for dry skin like mine but I do prefer a face wash to a cream as I like the freshness washes give you. So i started using this the day I got it and I started to notice my skin was feeling very dry but I stuck at it and I have noticed the dryness has gone and my skin is clean and fresh and I have even gone days to work with no make up on and had complements on how nice my skin was! So if you prefer a wash to a cream like me this is up your street.It is suitable for all skin types and you can pick it up from professional salons or my fave site beautyflash.

I also bought skin smoothing moisturiser I have used intense moisture balance but found it too heavy even thought I have very dry skin. So i tried this - A medium-weight cream with soothing botanicals and antioxidant vitamins to maintain skin’s moisture balance while improving texture, helping to restore suppleness and tone. This didnt stand up to its claim so far, I am going to continue using it too see how it goes but I feel i need to use quite alot of it to feel like am truely moisturised, I cant stand feeling any tightness on my skin and am obsessed with moisturising. It also doesnt have sun factor in it so please if you use this use a SPF after using this. I will come back to this as I have only been using this for 2 weeks.

What your favourite dermalogica product?

Dear 16 year old self.....

I got sent this video by one of my regular readers and follow blogger Nerrissa , she knows how passionate I am with sun care and protection.

I will tell you a wee story, on Sunday it was 28 degrees in Edinburgh! Totally unheard of. So my boyfriend and I went to taste of Edinburgh food festival, the sun was shining and cider flowing. I had put my usual 50 plus sunblock on but my boyfriend who is Filipino and is dark skinned thinks he doesn't need any, how wrong is he?!?! His face by the end of the day was red and the next day peeling. I read him the riot act and he PROMISED he would wear sunscreen, I even bought him some.

At the moment am using boots Soltan 50+ for the face and its really working well. Its very light doesn't leave my face looking white and chalky! At the moment boots have 2 for one on all there soltan range.

Friday, 3 June 2011

The sun has got his hat on.....

Hey guys, its a beautiful summers day here in Edinburgh and it 24 degrees! hot hot hot! More like it Scotland! Lets hope its stays.

When the sun is out as Scots like we like to get our skin out and when you get your skin out you have to remember your sun factor even in the UK.

An article was released early this week stating that we need to wear at least factor 30 to avoid nasty skin cancer and premature ageing!(eek!) This is even true on more duller days especially during the summer months as UV rays still penetrate the clouds exposing your skin to all those nasty bits that cause cancer and wrinkles.(eek!) I discussed this in my beauty class and many were shocked! My friend wears factor 50 everyday even in winter and many think she is in her early 20's when in fact she is in her late 30's! This shiz works.

I wear at least a factor 30 every day, I have very pale skin that burns as soon as the sun pops his head around the clouds and also I am covered in lots of moles which makes me more prone to catch skin cancer. My papa (grandad) worked outside everyday of his life and contracted a melanoma in his 60's right on the top of his head. This is properly due to the fact he spent hours exposed to UV rays, with a history of skin cancer in my family you cant be too careful.

So what can you use? Be careful as even though it may state that it has a SPF of 15 it may only be a 9. Check out this link to the dailymail this explains well how to pick a good sun screen and the misleading's of protection levels.

So guys if you put lotion on every day (you should btw) what s another 5 minutes applying you sun protection. It will help reduce your risk of skin cancer and stop you looking like a leather handbag.(eek!)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Have a little Impulse buy?!

Exciting times as Barry M teams up with impulse body sprays to give us a bargain!

Barry M have chosen 3 of there top selling lip glosses and paired them with 3 of impulses top sellers, including there newest scent very pink!

I love barry M for fun colours, there lip glosses are highly pigmented, super shiny and don't dry out your lips.

Impulse was a fave of mine as a teen, it was the must have things to keep in your animal backpacks to help you smell fresh and gorgeous. My fave was vanilla secrets, they don't make it any more but when i ever smell something close to it, it reminds me of long summer days by the sea and chasing boys. *cringe*

Well i started wearing impulse again as its not as strong as perfume so gives a gentle scent that won't over power my clients. We arent allowed to wear strong scents as scent is a powerful sense it can cause emotional distress to clients as they could be reminded of a sad or bad time. So impulse is my new handbag must have and getting a free gloss is a bonus!

So lets see what they have on offer!

  • Very pink- this is impulses newest scent(pink grapefruit and vanilla notes), i like this one but I think its an old scent they had years ago as its very familiar, this comes with a pale pink colour. Its a very glassy baby pink and smells of strawberries. YUM
  • Tease- now i have not smelt this one but by the looks of it it looks fresh (it says zesty notes of pineapple and exotic woods) and to back this up this comes with a nude gloss.Love it!
  • Into glamour- this is my all time fave smell from impulse, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Its pure glamour! Its woody, honey and amber notes amazing! This has been paired with a clear gloss with a vanilla scent.
They are available till next weekend and cost £3.00. A bargain! I plan to get all 3!

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Hi guys, Been super busy. I got a new job working in a bar so I can finally have my own money and stop having to ask my boyfriend for cash. Its going well but its pretty heavy going as well as college.

I have been pretty down the last couple of weeks and feeling I cant cope. I put this down to the lack of control in my life. I live in my boyfriends parents house and most my stuff is packed away and has been for the last year and a half. I have been getting increasingly anxious and this brings around old habits I have to cope with these feeling.

I suffer from OCD, this is a personality disorder that can pretty much take over your life and can make you and people around you miserable. It effects me in such away that I obsessively clean and re organise. When my cleaning and organising is disturbed or ruined I cant control the anxiety and pretty much break down in uncontrollable tears.

It effects me deeper than just cleaning all the time it can effect how you act and in turn people can think your strange or awkward. It makes social situations hard and meeting new people a nightmare. My disorder is closely connected with avoidant.
I can find myself to be socially inept and often find myself avoiding interacting with other in fear that they are ridiculing, dislike, humiliating or just plain dislike me. The paranoia kills me and I even find myself feeling it with people I know and love. It can leave me unable to talk to close friends in fear they dont like what I say because of this I usually dont say anything or my mind goes into over load and I say things that dont even make sense.

Another strand of this is being very dependant of others and this is why I am writting this. My current boyfriend is my rock and he has taken on so much with being with me when many men would have run a mile. (most have)
When these issues a raise and my mind decides it cant cope and am over come with emotion its hard to understand why someone is being so irrational, many dont. Rory is trying his best but now he is frustrated that he cant make me better. He believes I will never be happy no matter what situation am in, maybe he is right? I feel this has burdened me from my early teens and every so often it rears it controlling head and drags me under.

This is a mental disorder, an illness. People laugh and make fun but to me, us as sufferers its very real. Seeing a dirty toilet or a large group of unknown people makes me heart race, my brain pounds and I want to scream and cry.

Because this is controlling my life I see other things not as important so make up and living life have not been high on my list.

I hope people get something out of reading this, please leave a comment for me. x

Monday, 10 January 2011

When i feel in love...

I have been thinking alot about my love for make up and where it stems from, My mum doesn't wear make up. So I thought long and hard and BAM! I remembered. Her name was Anna and she was renting a room in my house when I was about 6. She had a trade mark, bright red lips! Her hair was blonde just like mine and she had cute glasses and a flash of bright red lipstick! I love it. I used to sneek into her room and try on her lipstick and stare for hours in the mirror. It made me feel so grown up and beautiful. (I was a very over weight, extremely shy child)

We lived on a wee island and make up was hard to get your hands on, all there was was a tiny Rimmel stand in the local chemist and that's where I got my first red lipstick.

From that day on I experimented with different looks but never venturing outside, I didnt want to draw attention to myself. I saved pocket money to buy Rimmel make up or when we went to the main land I would buy BOOTS natural collection which was affordable for my small amount of pocket money. I got my first job when I was ten helping an old lady clean her chalet, I would get ten pounds for the days work and all that money would go to buying make up or perfume or impulse body sprays (lol)
When I headed into high school I wore basic make up everyday, it was a mask that made me feel normal again when I was going through that awkward teen years. I didnt always get it right, concealer too light and colours that didnt suit me. I would say by the time I was 19 thats when I got my first high end make up product, chanel cristalle gloss in 17.

I loved it, I applied it 5 minutes. I still have the empty container as a little memento.
As the years have gone by I still get excited by new products and I am still excited about products I discovered years ago.

I have a greater understand of what I like, what suits me and what doesn't work.

What was your first make up love??

Sunday, 9 January 2011

So whats the plans for the next year!

Hi guys, I have had a bit of a chilled day with my boo today so I have spent the day watching boxsets we got for christmas, reading magazines and because its me over thinking about stuff. I really dont know what the future hold for me and that bothers me. I thought I would have it all figured out or at least on the way to something great. I guess I am heading some where as I am following my dream as studying beauty but am not to sure where I want THIS to take me. My ideal job would be working for a magazine reviewing products and writing, maybe am not passionate about it as I think or I have had never been pushed to reach for new dreams (small town girl with small town parents perhaps?)
I was reading this months Marie Claire magazine and it had a section called "How do I get that job" and it was about beauty writing jobs!! and I did get excited! It gave me details on how girls got there jobs as beauty assistants , editors and directors and low and be hold none of them had any beauty background, most had degrees in things that had nothing to do with beauty or even the industry of writing. A glimmer of hope...a sign? who knows! Any way lets get on to the good stuff

Whats new for the next beauty quarter,

Brights are going to be big but then again spring/summer colours tend to be bright...

Think MACs dare to wear collection (most of these colours were made to main colours and not just limited edition like some collections)

Mac have some amazing blues as well, this trend is a dramatic look and if your a Bobby Brown type of girl this trend is not for you!

Make sure you use lots of mascara and maybe a thin line of black liner as your lashes can disappear making the eye look strange and you may feel it doesnt suit you.

Green eyes really suit popping purples, it really makes them sparkle

When using blue shadows try and keep the rest of your make up simple ie lips nude. You dont want to look like an 80's reject unless thats the look your going for...

and try using two different contrasting colours to create a creative look.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Disco Disco Disco!

Hey Guys,

I was out on the town last night with some friends I didnt manage to see over christmas. I was only going for "a couple", famous last words eh?
I was out all night and was sure I had had a lemonade too many if you know what i mean! HAHA! It was so much fun and def want to do it again.

I woke up not feeling so fresh but after a shower and lots of green tea I feel back to normal. I am having a girls night in tonight with some friend playing singstar and drinking wine (my liver is crying, it must think its still xmas time!!!) but any who Nazia, the girl whos hostings motto is " I might be hit by a bus!" so true lol

I wanted to show you some pictures of my make up and my hair I did for going out last night as I was quite proud of it!

I like to take pics of my hair and make up to see what others see- just me then?

I had a spray tan yesterday, it was a course to learn at college

Face - MAC studio fix NC 20
MAC Cream concealer NC 20
MAC BLOT powder Nc 30 (contouring)
MAC Cream highlighter in pearl
Mac blush swoon
Mac bronzer golden

Eyes - Mac Lassie compact from the winter tartan collection
Mac Zoom lash carbon
MAC Pencil in smolder
Revlon liner pen in black

Lips - Barry M lipstick in 101
MAC lipstick in St germain

I also dyed my hair a couple of days ago, I love being this blonde!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hello beauty lovers!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year! I was up on the Isle of Mull so haven't had time to update my blog sorry!

I got some lovely beauty goodies and other little treasures from Santa which I cant wait to tell you about but I haven't gone through them all and need to take pics and that. I also got £50 to spend at MAC in my stocking so can wait to spend it. I have my eye on one little beauty, the MAC mineralizing finish powder and am sure I will find a few others to tame my addiction!

I have been watching lots of YOUTUBE videos and am desperate to get me some of that! I just have no idea how to get started and my blog isn't crazy popular so I don't really know what to do. I find blogging fun but you can lose motivation if you feel no one is reading!

I am still off college at the moment but I have a spray tan course tomo with fake bake which I cant wait for. So I have not done much during the holidays other than chill with my family its been great.

Today I went for a lovely walk, the weather is that nice crisp fresh cold air but it plays havoc to my skin. I have the answer!

Oilatum natural repair face cream.

I have found heaven!

I was first introduced into after watching a video by pixiwoo on youtube and Nicola's skin was AMAZING! She then said she was using this as her skin had been so dry and flaky due to the weather. I suffer from dry skin and have managed to keep the flaking at bay this winter but I love trying out moisturisers and abit of a moisturiser slut, I have tried them all. This appears to be a light formula but its very deceiving and you only need a small amount to cover the face and neck area. I made the mistake of using a hearty sized blob on my first go and I had lots left over. It can feel a little greasy but it does sink into the skin. It made me skin feel cold and fresh after I applied it which was a nice touch and was easy to wear under make up. And here is the decider of why I love this....I got so many compliments about how dewy and glowing my skin looked! Yeah! This is a very hydrating face cream and I would recommend trying it. Its available at Boots and other good shops for £7.74 so wont break the bank! WOOP!

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