Sunday, 19 December 2010


Just realised I have not really given myself enough time to finish my xmas post. Been out alot with Christmas night outs and meeting people before I head home to the Isle of Mull. It started snowing so heavy again and they have closed the airports again...I am hoping to hitch a ride with Santa if the weather continues.

I am hoping to start Vloging on youtube after the new year. I have had to ask my little sister to show me how to make and edit video as I am so bad with technology. So I hope you guys will tune in and spread the work.
What sort of things would you like to see? I was thinking maybe even doing some beauty therapy techniques like eye lash/brow tinting and manicures, what do you think?

I ordered my new GHD's as my old ones were not as save-able as I first thought. I got them from Its a great site that has great deal and a added bonus is if you have a snapfax you get 5% off! WOO!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My gift to you!

I am going a little out of the box today and have decided to share a little hidden gem with you. I love watching make up hauls and tutorial on youtube and love discovering videos I have never seen before. Yesterday I was off and had the whole house to myself so indulged in my favourite treat and came across a channel called pixiwoo. Now They are very well known and rank 3rd in youtube guru's! Pretty good!
There videos are informal but with informative about new products and give fantastic make up ideas. As I was watching they kept mentioning a web page, well I got too excited when I clicked on the link! They stock makeupforever!! Make up forever is a brand thats widely available in the states but near impossible to get here in the UK. They also stock many brands that are not available in the UK or are like make up forever(you would sell your soul to get your hands on). They also stock lots of cool professional make up artistry products like postiches and SFX make up. Amazing!

Here is a pic of wat they can do! impressive! I wanted to put one of there videos up but it was taking forever!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Prime Your Face!

I am watching sex and the city the movie, love sex and the city so much, its kinda like friends I can watch it over and over and never get bored of it. I have my favourite episodes and favourite outfits and favourite quotes. The movie has so much fashion in it its almost like a guilty treat.

Today's guilty treat is the Bare Escentuals i.d Prime Time foundation primer. This is a preservative free formula that claims to combat flaky dryness, fine lines, excess oil and enlarged pores. The formula glides on with no tackiness feel to provide a skin smoothing complexion ready for the foundation of your choice.

I like a good primer and have tried many and surprise surprise I like Mac range of primer. I like Bare escentuals products and there foundations are really good with build-able coverage so I am excited to try this.

Stars the limit!

Well am off college today which is nice but I have been so bored. The snow has caused mayhem here and over all I have had 2 weeks off! So I have been watching youtube videos and doing my xmas shopping. So I had a little lie in and my boyfriend brought me my waterbottle in bed as he knows I get so cold.(bless) He also brought me good news, he had fixed my GHD's! (hallelujah) Isn't he fab!

Well today I have added alittle glamour to the xmas present and its a gooden!
They are the gorgeous jimmy choo nuala sandal! Arent they sooooooooo pretty! Perfect for the party season I think too wear these shoes would ooze class and glamour.
They are black leather with beautiful star detailing.

These are available online and also any retailer that stocks Jimmy choo.

Go on show your star quality!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sculpturing is on hold!

Hey y'all was in town today and had five mins so naturally popped into Harvey Nicks to have a look around Mac to see what they had going on. I have seen a Youtube video by Kandee Johnson and she talked about using the Mac foundation stick to couture your face to make it appear thinner. I have a very round chubby looking face so I was quite excited about using this trick. I got to the counter and the lady told me they were discontinuing it! My face fell! Its a good product so I am unsure why they are doing that any way she sent me away with some samples to try at home that are suppose to be the same but in liquid form...we will just have to wait and see.

Well as i posted on my last post my straighteners have past to the great hair salon in the sky..(tear) so the next thing on my Christmas wish list is the new midnight deluxe GHD straighter set. Please Santa I can live with untamed frizz ball hair! It s a need but everyone has GHD's don't they or at less have heard of them so to days 12 presents of xmas isn't them its the NARS 13 large dome eye brush!

I love love love this brush and have gone without it since March when I was in London for my birthday. I had alittle incident when applying my shadow, this could be due to the fact I had drank some vino. oopies!
This is a great brush its made from squirrel hair (odd I know but am sure the coarseness of the hair contributes to its great nice. Its perfect for blending and I like to use it to apply the darker shadows in the V and crease.

Its £32 pound but an artist is only as good as there tools they say so well worth it!

What make up tool cant you live with out?

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Smash it!

Day two of my most wanted for Christmas presents and it has to be make up (like I don't have enough)
Smashbox is a pretty well known brand in the states but it was only introduced to the UK in late summer/early autumn and is exclusive to Debenhams (British department store). I was very excited about this. I have had my eye on a few thing but the thing I want most is the smashbox masquerade eye shadow palette. The colours are very rich and have a jewel like tone to them. They are a mix of matte and shimmery shades so you can play it save or mix it up. Smashbox eye shades are very pigmented and if you like Urban decay book of colours these are going to knock your cashmere socks off! These colours are so wearable but have enough dareness to them to create sexy dark eyes but if used wisely a warm day look.
These shadows apply easily and blend beautifully. Crease resistant is another pro,good for all skin tones but suit a fair skin the best.

The packaging is also gorgeous. Sleek and classic

On another note my GHD's have gone caput! Gutted! They are over 7 years old and have got me through many a bad hair sad! I will miss them

Friday, 10 December 2010

12 Presents of Christmas

I am so excited I love Christmas so much! I have done all my Xmas shopping, they are wrapped and under the tree! Go me!

I want so much for Christmas but I am unable to make a decision so I am leaving it up to my boyfriend so it will be a nice surprise. EEEEEEEE!

I thought i would do a little section on beauty gifts I have seen and like for Christmas.

The first thing am dying for is the clarisonic facial cleansing brush.
I saw this a wee while ago but it wasn't available in the UK but it is now! My friend who lives in American (also a beauty lover) said she would actually die for hers! Must be good..

Clarisonic is proven to remove more dirt, make-up, oil and sebum from your face than if using a traditional face cleanser or face wash it also helps the products you use after washing be more easily and more effectively absorbed into the skin. Impressive.
It also claims to reduce redness, even skin tone, banish blemishes and that pores, fine lines and wrinkles will be sounds to good to be true!

Now am afraid I don't have one (dear Santa, i have been very good...) and they are quite expensive, £175 to be exact which, yes I hear you crying! is very steep but if the hype around theses is as good as they say isn't it worth investing?? Your skin Isn't going any where and its with you the rest of your life!

I don't know about you but I want it so bad. Prevention is my game and anything to stop my skin becoming a dirty, saggy and wrinkly old bag is good in my books. Hey am just saying...

Friday, 3 December 2010

but baby its cold outside!

Hi y'all, brrrr its bloody freezing out side and it looks like this weather is here to stay! I love snow but when it stops you from being able to do anything it gets a little bit boring. So I ventured out my house after 5 days, yes count them 5 days of isolation I headed into town to cheer myself up with a little retail therapy! The idea was just to get Christmas presents for my family but how can you buy presents for everyone and not for yourself?? How selfish! haha Well I got everything for my family's Christmas(GO ME!) but i also got myself a little something something..

First is this lovely faux fur coat from new look, I was drawn to the leopard print style but I thought this brown one is more classic and also my gran had a real fur that was the spitting image of this one. She left it too me when she passed and I couldn't bring myself to wear it or get rid of it. It was 59.99 but with my student discount 20%!!! it was only like 55, i think...i also got little cute studs for 4.99 I couldn't find a pic of them and my lead has gone missing for my camera again.

I also have my college Christmas night out tomorrow night I prob be looking more forward to it if it was so bloody cold!! I got some shoe boots from new look too for my night out to go with my gorgeous nude lipsy dress but am considering just wearing my uggs as the pavements are death waiting to happen!
They are wedged so are alot more comfortable than heels and they are very comfortable.

What are your winter buys??

Alba Science need you!

Hey guys, I wee while ago I posted a bit about Alba science. Its an Edinburgh based cosmetic, toiletry and household good testing unit and they are always looking for volunteers.

They are going to be at Jewel and Esk college(Milton rd campus) on Thursday 9th Dec and they are looking for people between the ages of 18 and 70 to take part in a little trial for a well known mascara remover.

If you occasionally wear mascara, they need you to test a
current marketed product and a new product designed to remove mascara, and to complete a short questionnaire
for us which should take you no more than 15 minutes.

Also each person who takes part will receive a payment of 10 pounds!!! As a student this is a pretty sweet deal.

They will also be looking to add people to there list of volunteers and you can earn a wee bit more testing beauty products out. Don't worry they just want consumer reviews and all are safe to use.

If your interested you can register on there web page or email them at

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let it snow!

Oh my god! Unless you have been living under a rock you will be very aware of the sever weather we have been having. It has been snowing like crazy and I have never seen it like this in my whole life time, nearly 25 years! We have about a 3 feet of snow and the temp in the minus 5's!I know this is the normal from some parts of America and others places but for UK this is CRAZY!! I have been stuck in the house for like 4 days and I am starting to get cabin fever! This does give me alot of time to update my blog. I have also have registered a new web page but am not giving it out yet as I have no idea now to work it.

So with this cold weather you have to make sure your skin routine is up to date and changing your moisturiser to a more hydrating one is a good start. I usually use a simple age defying moisturiser in the summer months as it works well with my sun block but I need something a little thicker and more hydrating.

I am using dermalogica skin smoothing cream, I LOVE this cream! I would use this all year round if I didn't find it too heavy in the heat.
This cream is good for dry, dehydrated and premature skin types (prefect for me) I combined this with my special cleansing gel and multi active toner spray(both dermalogica) I notice a different straight away. Now dermalogica is a profession brand but is retailed. It can be quite expensive when buying the whole cleansing routine but can you really put a price on beauty...well you can but beautyflash you can get dermalogica and many other brands at wholesale price. Well worth it!

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