Tuesday, 12 July 2011

June Favourites!

Hi guys, was watching GregoryGorgeous on youtube this morning on my day off so I thought I would do a little piece on my favourite products this summer!

So lets start with hair products -

First up I was introduced to these products by my sister Claire, who unlike me has very long and thick hair with a beautiful natural wave. She always has major big hair which am always envy-us of! She let me into a little secret she uses Samy fat hair "0 calories" hair products! I started with using the thicken spray on my hair before blow drying and I could really see a difference. My very fine hair had some volume! So I tried the thickening cream and this is he most amazing thing! I use this right in my roots before drying my hair every time and I get compliments on now done my hair was. SCORE! I use there hair spray too but this is too much for every day as it gives serious hold and mega height! Available at boots.

I bleach my hair, I am naturally a light ash brown but I have been blonde for as long as I remember with a few we changes every now and again. At the moment am a very bright white blonde and to keep it bright and white I use lo'real sliver shampoo every other day. This takes any yellow tones out of your hair leaving it almost grey white, Warning don't use this every day or you will end up with a blue rinse. This can be bought at sally's and is around 8 pounds.

My hair hasn't been in the best condition so when my hairs wet I use RUSK deep shine oil, its a protective oil treatment that can be used on wet or dry hair. Its mostly argen oil which smooths cuticles and eliminates frizz.
It helps protect against damage caused by chemicals,thermal styling and the environment. It has really improved the condition and is my hair life saver!!
Available at sally's

Fake tan -

Beyond Bronze airbrush self tanner is my fave fake tan for my face. Its so easy to apply, 3 long strokes going the top of my face to the collar bone and your done! Easy! It has a real natural colour but dark enough to give you a golden look. It can be built up, if you like it really dark wait for it to dark in and apply again!
It 14 pounds and available at superdrug.

Cosmetics -
Tan Tint skinsheen bronzer stick from the MAC surf summer collection, a few months ago I mentioned I was after the Mac foundation stick but they were discontinued(come on MAC what you playing at) any way got over that when I found this. Its a bronze stick which is fab for contouring and making yourself super bronzed. I was told if these sold well they would be put on the permanent collection!!!YEAH!!! I hope you all got yours! As i believe this is a keeper!

What your June faves??

Friday, 8 July 2011

Jellybabe reincarnated!

Am so bloody excited you have no idea!!!

I got this month issue on Marie Claire, I am a subscriber of this magazine, i love all the free stuff you get, they had nails inc a couple of months ago and now this month they have Ciate lipgloss. They have two colours available hot pink and nude. I, of course chose the nude one. I opened it today and tried it! OMG! its almost identical to my beloved lipgelee jellybabe from MAC that they discontinued.(WHY WHY WHY!)

Same colour, lovely vanilla smell though not as high shine as lipgelee but still very glossy. Its almost a lux tinted lip balm. As soon as I put it on I had to blog.

These lipglosses are £9 normally and Marie Claire mag is £3.70 so its a bargin. Ciate is famed for there lux nail polishes, though i have never tried them. (am a gelaration jessica kinda gal)

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Sorry I have not been about much Virgin changed there internet and it doesnt work on computers older than one year old! How mad is that? Anyway they sent a cable so am back online old skool style.

I have been so busy, I went away for my dermalogica training in Glasgow. It was 4 days training of full on skin care and I bloody loved it! It went into great detail about skin health which is there motto. We learned about all the products in depth and how to use these products to give the client maximum results.

I have been using Dermalogica since I was 19, I was introduced by blogger Mikaela who was my muse for all things beauty. She introduced me to looking after you skin, make up (which I had never really used) and suncare! So I knew how to use the products and was aware of all the ranges they have.

I decided to buy a few things while I was there as they were tax free so how could I not. I purchased the special cleansing gel - This is a soap free face wash which removes any grime, excess oil and make up without striping the natural oils and disturbing the skins natural PH balance. It does exactly that! I normally used essential cleansing solution this is great for dry skin like mine but I do prefer a face wash to a cream as I like the freshness washes give you. So i started using this the day I got it and I started to notice my skin was feeling very dry but I stuck at it and I have noticed the dryness has gone and my skin is clean and fresh and I have even gone days to work with no make up on and had complements on how nice my skin was! So if you prefer a wash to a cream like me this is up your street.It is suitable for all skin types and you can pick it up from professional salons or my fave site beautyflash.

I also bought skin smoothing moisturiser I have used intense moisture balance but found it too heavy even thought I have very dry skin. So i tried this - A medium-weight cream with soothing botanicals and antioxidant vitamins to maintain skin’s moisture balance while improving texture, helping to restore suppleness and tone. This didnt stand up to its claim so far, I am going to continue using it too see how it goes but I feel i need to use quite alot of it to feel like am truely moisturised, I cant stand feeling any tightness on my skin and am obsessed with moisturising. It also doesnt have sun factor in it so please if you use this use a SPF after using this. I will come back to this as I have only been using this for 2 weeks.

What your favourite dermalogica product?

Dear 16 year old self.....

I got sent this video by one of my regular readers and follow blogger Nerrissa , she knows how passionate I am with sun care and protection.

I will tell you a wee story, on Sunday it was 28 degrees in Edinburgh! Totally unheard of. So my boyfriend and I went to taste of Edinburgh food festival, the sun was shining and cider flowing. I had put my usual 50 plus sunblock on but my boyfriend who is Filipino and is dark skinned thinks he doesn't need any, how wrong is he?!?! His face by the end of the day was red and the next day peeling. I read him the riot act and he PROMISED he would wear sunscreen, I even bought him some.

At the moment am using boots Soltan 50+ for the face and its really working well. Its very light doesn't leave my face looking white and chalky! At the moment boots have 2 for one on all there soltan range.

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