Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Getting my ass into gear!

well i thought i would write another post.Its 9.32 am and am still in bed but i really need to get my ass in gear and start my open book project for beauty school but I have started watching Jersey shore its like the real world but so much more trashier!! I love it!

My open book project is for facials and how to tell the difference and how to handle spots and other stuff. One of the girls said it took them nearly 3 days on and off to do it. Its the last day of the holidays and i really should have done it by now, this is so unlike me. I am the girl that does it on the first day it is given but i have been having so much fun this holiday and also relaxing as i was poorly (again) before and during the first part of the holidays.

I am also a clean freak and the house in my mind is always dirty! My boyfriend thinks am mad at my constant bleaching of the bathroom and wiping the counters in the kitchen, what can i say i love a clean house. Clean anything! OK so am alittle OCD but i would rather that than a smelly dirty home, what would people say??

I am just bleathering on here with actually no reason to this post and i should really go and start this bloody project! I will let you know how i go on.


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