Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I have a very strict cleansing routine in the morning and before bed, it has been like this since i met an beauty therapist from America and my love of all things cosmetic started. I used dermalogica for years and its fantastic but its expensive and I sometimes cant justify nearly 40pounds for a cleanser. So i have been on the quest for new cleanser. Think I found it...Boots botanics nourishing face cleanser, this is an organic cleanser and a well known brand in the UK. I love this cleanser, its olive oil based and it perfect for my dry skin, no drying out and no tightness. This is a lovely range and they have products for all skin types, so affordable its worth a try.

With my dry skin i need a super moisturising moisturiser with out being heavy and L'oreal collagen re-plumper with added collagen. I really like this product, i noticed a difference straight away after applying the results don't last all day but for moisturiser under 10 pound its a good choice.

Anew rejuvenate 24hr eye cream is a Avon product that my mum gave me(she loves eye creams) its not great but i do like how it has one side for night time and one side for day. It also has a SPF 15 in the day cream which is great, sun will age your eyes quickly!


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