Monday, 10 May 2010

Am an Auntie!

Very exciting week! I became an auntie for the first time this week to gorgous Iain Alexander Macdonald! He is named after my daddy and also my papa and he is amazing! I have never been a big baby lover until I met my beautiful nephew. Working in the nursery am surrounded by children of all ages but have always been more comfortable around the older children, I dont know why maybe it because they are so small and delicate or the fact all they do is poop and sleep but this has all changed. I am biased because he is family but hey am allowed to be.

I was there with my sister for the birth, I wasnt suppose to be but circumstances changed and there i was welcoming this little bundle of joy into the world. It was amazing! I just love him so much and as i dont have children of my own I have never felt this kind of love before! Its deep and unconditional am sure its nothing like the love a mother and child has but it still feels excitingly strong! I still havent come to terms that thats him here forever and I will always be his auntie!(I dont care what my other sister says, I will be the cool auntie!) I will get to buy him all the designer wee outfits mummy can never justify and take him walks and as I am a nursery nurse as well I will be able to help further his development. Its exciting times!

As I had like 8 hours sleep the whole of last week due to claire being in labor then not and then again back into labour I needed serious skin treatment when I got back home.

I have really got into using organic products since being told of all the nasty horrid chemicals that are in everyday beauty products but alas on a student budget its bloody hard. I have found something though which is pretty nice.

Its a pretty new range called Organic surge and i bought it in Boots at £5.99 its on special offer so I thought I would give it ago. I one i chose was the super intense daily for dry skin the ingredients is full of organic essential oils and pretty much that. It smells like Turkish delight with is yummy. It fulls quite odd in texture straight after you put it on, almost waxing which at first put me off but this lasted only seconds as it melted into my skin making it feel soft and smelt too good to eat!

Cons: NO SUNSCREEN! So remember to put your sun protection on before you use it.

Pros: All the packaging is recyclable and its made in Scotland so no long travelling(go carbon footprint)
It has no sodium lauryl, laureth sulphate or parabens

I would buy this again and proply try the other products in the range too.

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