Friday, 15 January 2010

Try Something Different!

Now my mate lynsey has asked me to review BeneFit eye shadows and i have to tell you honey there is sooooo many better brands of eye shadows available. Yes they are good shadows but they are not the best!
Bobbi Brown has some of the most luxurious, wearable and so so chic eye shadows. They don't have mad crazy colours, there shadows are warm, natural and so classy. The packaging is slick and shiny and looks great in any make-up bag. There is a colour to suit all skin tones, your bound to find a colour for you.
Camel is one of my favourite in this brand, its a gorgeous golden brown colour but strangely is very matte. It brings a real natural warmth to the eyes, its also good as an over all blender shadow on top of other shadows. It may be £10 pound but these shadows go the distance and will enhance your own natural beauty!!


Anonymous said...

great gail. thanks!!! x

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