Sunday, 10 January 2010

Potion that really is magic

Well I have been asked to reveiw the fabulous Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion.
This really is a magic potion, i always thought i had never really had a problem with my eye shadow slipping but then i got a new camera and by the end of the night i found my dark heavy eye make up had slid down my face! Not a good look. Now i had never used a eye primer before so had no idea where to start so i looked online and this little beauty kept popping up. When i preped my eyes with this product i have no creasing, no smudging and the colour of my shadow is intensified! This product glides on and really does provide a smooth even surface for u to start applying your favourite shadow. With using this product you really WILL notice a difference.Your shadow will be well and truely unmoveable until you decide to remove it. A must have for eye shadow lovers! Now there is a downside sadly but its not with the product its self its the packaging. Yes its looks nice on your bedroom table but you spend ages trying to get the product out after you have used half of it.
This product is £11 and i think well worth the money. Primers for the lips, face and lashes are also available.

Nerissa i cant seem to find any where thats going to stock Alice in Wonderland palette but it is still available online. You need to get it! Alice in Wonderland was made for you!


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