Saturday, 9 January 2010

Stawberry Bonbon

Looking around Harvey nicks the other day i was drawn to the Chanel counter, their Christmas 2009 collection looked lovely and i couldn't help myself. There shimmering tweed highlighter is a duo of copper and gold and lovely sparkly bronzer thought it. I like my bronzer matt but this would add a little winter warmer to your skin and would be fun on a night out. This is a limited edition and you know how i feel about limited edition( why fall in love if its just going to disappear.
One of the glosses in this collection is Aqualumiere in bon bon. This gloss is a well known, long standing Cristalle gloss and I am so happy they have introduced as Aqualimiere.It is now Chanels best selling colour in Aqualumiere. This gloss is a well polished sheer nude colour with a non sticky moisturising feel. As it is so slick its doesn't last long and applying this gloss every 20 minutes will be the normal. I would recommend this for its moisturising qualities but if you want longer lasting colour go for Bon Bon in Cristalle.


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