Saturday, 9 January 2010

Kodak Moments will have to wait..and long live stila

Well i was just going to update my blog with some pictures showing me wearing the products that i have reviewed so far but am afraid i have lost my cable for my camera! It cant be far but i cant for the life of me remember where i put it. So will just have to wait to review my nail polishes.
It was back to college yesterday and i was so glad to be back! But with the snow only 5 girls turned up- It was actually a lovely day as we didn't do any theory but what ever we wanted to do. So i got a manicure and a facial. Lush!
Well today i found out Stila stopped selling in the UK about a month ago! I am gutted, you can still get the stuff on line but its not the same as i like seeing the product face to face before i buy so i can sample, smell, touch etc.
I fell in love with Stilas little cream pots for your cheeks a couple of years ago, they were so hydrating and applied beautifully but they no longer stock them. I hate when companies discontinue products! :-(
If you find a good web page stocking Stila please send me an email or leave a comment. I have been looking but ebay seem to be the only place and i dont want a dirty finger mark in my make up thank you!


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