Sunday, 17 January 2010

Am bad...

My bursary from college went into my account on Fri so i decided on Saturday i would hit the Mac counter..again! OOOHHH am sooo bad! But i got some great stuff!
First off i had seen on another blog that i follow that this girl was wearing a gorgeous gold colour and found out its Mac in goldmine. I lovely bright gold that will blend beautiful into many colour. I think this could be really fun on a night out, very dramatic! I don't normally do shimmery colour but if its a big night out i like something different. I will definitely be wearing this on Friday night for my friends birthday dinner and night out.(Just Little bit excited about it)
I also got Mac sliver ring great for that smoky eye effect, I have been looking for a good silver for blending and adding something special to tired looking eye shadows.
Now here's what am super excited about-I got my first ever pigment pot(yes its taken me a while) For those who aren't familiar with these Wow pots(am sure there is only a few of you) these pots will give you extreme colour! As the name suggests they are highly pigmented and you only need a little, great value for money as these pots will last forever! You really need a primer before using these as they can be(will be) very messy, I would do your eyes before you apply foundation. I bought it in Teal and that's what it is a deep highly coloured teal colour, it is shimmery but this is not a colour i would use every day just for a dramatic night time look. Now i got a paint pot also to use with Teal in delft also a greeny blue colour this makes the pigment stand out more so for an even more dramatic look. I would use this with mac's carbon or black tied.

1. Paint pot in Delft
2. Goldmine
3. Sliver ring
4. Teal pigment
5. Delft and teal (delft is under teal)

Now my laptop is working again (thank god!) and i going to add "what am wearing today" make up pictures as i have to wear a full face of make up to college sometimes it looks pretty good.

This is the look i wore yesterday(we went to Nando's for lunch, yummy and then went to see Avatar in 3D, it was soooo good)

Eyes: Mac in Blance Type (eye shadow)
Mac in Espresso (eye shadow)
Mac in Magic dust (eye shadow)
Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash (mascara)
Mac in Smoulder (eye pencil)

Face: Mac select foundation SPF 15 in NC 35
Mac pressed powder in NC 35
Mac Bronzing powder in Golden
Mac blush in Pink swoon
Mac cream color base in Pearl

Lips: Mac Lipgelee in jellybabe

These colours i wear everyday apart from the eyes I would normally just wear Blance Type on my eyes and some liquid eyeliner.

P.s I have just order some more Mac Product's I think i have a problem....


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