Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hello, and welcome to my new beauty blog! Its a new year so I thought I would start a beauty blog! My friend in America has a beauty blog on here and she has inspired me in so many ways, and she has done it again. Her blog is going so well and gets so much feed back and product advice. I love trying new products though I know what i like and have used some products for years.

Well as its the New Year i have been thinking about my New Years resolution and there is a few...

1. Learn to drive.

I really need to do this! Its been so long.I have been taking lessons for years but since I moved to Edinburgh I stopped as the bus service is so good. This resolution came after having to heave 3 huge bags home for Christmas on 2 trains, a ferry and a bus...and back again. I still didnt have all the make-up and products i use daily. My skin was crying for help after 7 days at home.

2. A new outlook to food

I need to start making right choices about what foods I put in my body and how important some foods are at keeping you fit and well. I get ill..alot I put this down with working in a childrens nursery part-time but I am sure with a better diet and the right food i can keep those nasty bugs away.

3. Go to the gym more

This says it all (I think this is most peoples goal but i actully was really good at going)

4. To be more positive

Anyone who knows me knows am pretty negetive and let things get on top of me. I want things to wash over me like a cool blue wave.


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