Sunday, 10 January 2010

Alice In Beauty Wonderland

Some exciting news from Urban Decay this morning, a new eye palette inspired by the up and coming Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland.
Now this isn't available till January 15th and then its only available online at Urban is thought it may be available from March in the shops and is limited stock in the UK only 2000!!!! I think this product is going to sell like hot cakes so if you want it buy it online on the 15th!!!
This eye palette has 16 shadows all named after parts of the Alice fantasy, 2 eyeliners(black and teal) and Urban decays AMAZING eye primer potion(this is a must for all eye shadow prep)
Now I am not a fan of the colours all are very shimmery which is fine but i do prefer a matt eye shadow and this palette doesn't have any matt I guess these colours are fun and if you like to use mad exciting colours on your eye then this would be great. I like to colour called wonderland. It is a soft gold colour but I wouldn't pay £28 just for that colour.
The Box is nice, its a pop up scene from the movie which looks nice but its all a little over the top for me. Nice for some just not for me.


MissNeriss said...

Gail, this palette is gorgeous! I think I would wear every single colour. I wonder if it is available here in Holland... Now tell me more about this primer. I have dreadful issues with smudging!

Magic Alice said...

Oo I so need this just to look at!

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