Monday, 22 November 2010

plenty of fish in the bowl!

A new shop has opened up in Edinburgh called Appy Feet, It is in St James centre in the city centre. I have heard about this fishy pedicure a wee while ago. This treatment was pretty much just a London thing in the UK but has started to go national in the last wee while. The fish are specially bred for this pedicure, Garra Rufa or sometimes called doctor fish. They have been used in the past to eat the dead flesh in wounds to stop infection but now have because the designer must have treatment to the stars and us normal ppl!
My boyfriend took me for a little treat as he knows I love any treatment!
I went in and wasn't blown away. It kinda looked like a had walked into an under stock pet shop but I was willing be give it ago. Its a bit steep in price 10 pound for 15 Min's but I was willing to pay just for the experience. The water is cleaned through a water fall filter system so the water is constantly cleaning its self and new clients feet are washed and sanitized before entering the water. As soon as your feet touch the water the fish attack your feet. It feels so tickly but not unpleasant.

After the treatment my feet did feel soft but this could be due to the fact my feet had been soaking in warm water...there was one thing I was worried about...the fish. The lady says they have to buy 100,000 fish every few weeks as the fish die quickly due to eating so much and as the fish have to be imported they order high numbers because thousands die during transport. I know they are breed in high numbers for this treatment but they are living things, is it really any better that killing for fur? I know, it is different and this is probably a trend that will die out when some other wacky treatment comes up but do these fish need to die doing something that will take us two minutes to do with a foot file?? Maybe am over reacting but it was just a thought.

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