Friday, 3 June 2011

The sun has got his hat on.....

Hey guys, its a beautiful summers day here in Edinburgh and it 24 degrees! hot hot hot! More like it Scotland! Lets hope its stays.

When the sun is out as Scots like we like to get our skin out and when you get your skin out you have to remember your sun factor even in the UK.

An article was released early this week stating that we need to wear at least factor 30 to avoid nasty skin cancer and premature ageing!(eek!) This is even true on more duller days especially during the summer months as UV rays still penetrate the clouds exposing your skin to all those nasty bits that cause cancer and wrinkles.(eek!) I discussed this in my beauty class and many were shocked! My friend wears factor 50 everyday even in winter and many think she is in her early 20's when in fact she is in her late 30's! This shiz works.

I wear at least a factor 30 every day, I have very pale skin that burns as soon as the sun pops his head around the clouds and also I am covered in lots of moles which makes me more prone to catch skin cancer. My papa (grandad) worked outside everyday of his life and contracted a melanoma in his 60's right on the top of his head. This is properly due to the fact he spent hours exposed to UV rays, with a history of skin cancer in my family you cant be too careful.

So what can you use? Be careful as even though it may state that it has a SPF of 15 it may only be a 9. Check out this link to the dailymail this explains well how to pick a good sun screen and the misleading's of protection levels.

So guys if you put lotion on every day (you should btw) what s another 5 minutes applying you sun protection. It will help reduce your risk of skin cancer and stop you looking like a leather handbag.(eek!)

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