Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day!!

Well i got one more day of my Christmas holidays today as Edinburgh went snow crazy!! I was ok at my bit but in East lothian where my college was the snow was mad. Its crazy how a city can go into lock down after little less than a foot and a half of snow. So i decided to do something really fun on my last day though i hear the college will also be closed on Friday. I met up with Nazia, a lady from college and we bear ed the snow and went to the cinema to see, Did you hear about the Morgans? What a let down! I was kinda hoping for some fast paced film where they were getting hunted down instead it was all about how Hugh and SJP could fix there marriage problems. I would wait for the DVD but I still had fun. Then Nazia and I went and did alittle window shopping. I feel in love with something i found...

It was a product by hempz treats, there cranberry vanilla cake body lotion!!! This product smelt sooooooo good. I could actually picture in my head eating this cake! Imagine a starbucks cupcake with strawberry frosting and the wee blob of jam in the middle? It was just like eating one but the smell!
This daily moisturiser is enriched with pure organic hemp seed oil and claims to provide long term moisture and am guessing leaving your skin smelling yummy! It also has natural honey and vanilla extract and is crammed full of antioxidants and skin conditionals to leave skin soft and glowing. I didn't buy it, i wish i had but i have a cabinet full of body creams and it has a big price too of £12.00 for the big bottle and £5.00 for the very small bottle(that would only cover have your body any way) It also comes in a lip shine but i found it too over powering as a gloss and it was also very sticky!
This product also come in coconut cream frosting, gingerbread cookie and pumpkin pecan cheese cake. All smell good enough to eat but not as nice as cranberry vanilla cake.


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