Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Winter Warmers!

Now Mac have some winter warmers for us, to keep us warm and cosy(see what i did!) when it is so bitterly cold out side. This is Mac's Warm and Cozy range. This range came out on Boxing day(26th December) trying to bring some joy to us Brits that have been snowed in or suffering frost bite.
Now i don't feel these colours are very "warm" more nude and natural with lots of browns and neutral colours but nothing that really stands out as "warm" All colors are very wearable and there are some really nice products in this range.
The eye shadows modelette, mulled cider and chamomile are all really nice. That's what they are just..nice. I like these colours, these are colours i would wear but are they really any different from colours we have see before? When Mac do a new range i want something that says WOW!

Now the shadesticks are pretty impressive, they are highly pigmented and apply smoothly and are very slick. My favourite are cuddle and relax. Cuddle is a white with a hint of gold and is great as a highlighter and relax is just a lovely chocolate brown colour.

Now in this range though is something WOW but it isn't a make up product its the essential oils. These oils can be used under or mixed with your moisturiser, a few drops in your bath or in an oil burner. There are two to chose from sweet orange and lavender and grapefruit and chamomile, both smell amazing and very good at relaxing you and helping you get your 8 hours. Beauty sleep is always good.


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