Monday, 4 January 2010

Mac Lip Gelee

Now lets get down to some products...

I love love love Mac make-up though i do use other products I have many favourite mac products that you will not get me to give up. I will go into them in other posts but now i am going to tell you about my all time fave gloss. Mac lipgelee's are the creme de la creme of lipglosses. Jellybabe my favourite colour, its a sheer brown nude colour with a hint of pink that just glides on your lips. Your lips but only amazing!! This gloss isnt sticky like some glosses and feels like a moisturising lip balm when on the lips. I am not a big fan of juicy tubes i dont like the grity feel of the glitter(though i dont like glitter in my gloss anyway) Now this wont last ages on your lips, I reapply hourly and carry one in all my bags. I lose glosses like no business but this one is well stocked in my house its the one thing that i never leave the house without!
I also love the smell like fresh vanilla custard to me almost good enought to eat!


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