Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Hello y'all! I entered the worldskills competition through college and house heats were last friday, we had to create a complete look but focusing on make up. I chose a 50's pin up dita von teese style look. It went reallt well but i think i was a little over my head as some for the girls went right out there were i played safe.

Well the photographer thought i should have got second according to my tutor which i think is a big complement. well here is the finished look please let me know what you think??

Sunday, 21 February 2010

ZOEVA! I need you!

Am so excited about this product, its not a new one and i would like to know how i missed this! Its the Zoeva palettes! They are AMAZING!

Now they are a German make but they deliver to the UK(thank god)
My favourite on is the palette in 88, it has a wide range of colours and the 88 palette is a range of matte colours no shine, no frost! Now this palette is so cheap!! 14.95 euros this includes VAT and shipping costs! and the colours are amazing!Now you would think at this price its going to be shitty cheap make up but your wrong! The shadows feels expensive and last on the lids! check out the web page as they have eye shadow palettes, blusher palettes and concealer palettes! I want them all and as they are so affordable I think i will! They have a great range of make up brushes as well! Go on its worth it!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hot or not!!??!

Well what did you think of the BRITS last night? Cheryls miming, Robbies medley and Lady GaGa clearing the board..oh and Liam throwing his mick into the crowd!!

Bit of a wild year but isnt the BRITS always? Jarvis Cocker mooning in the middle of Micheal Jackson's earth song any one.

I couldnt wait to see what the celebs were wearing(well they were competing with GaGa) Bit of a miss match night me things!

GaGa didnt disappoint us in another original and wacky outfit but Gagaloo you have done the lace on the face thing before?? But i will give you your hair very er... Edwardian! I love Lady Gaga so am giving her a thumbs up for effect!

Lily Allan surprized me with her look, very goth not something i would have thought she would have worn but i really liked it. I love the copper eyes!

Leona, Leona what are you doing! The dress, the cuff, the shoes...all wrong! All nice but not together!! Sack your stylist...NOW!

Alexander all i have to say is YAWN!


My name is Gail and am a nude-a-holic, no no I dont mean that i like to streak! Its nude lips! I have said before about my new love of my MAC myth lippie but i found another and it might be even better!
Its rimmels its called nude delight and its very close to myth. Its a little more sheer which will suit more skin tones.

I have tried it and its very moisturising which is why i think its more sheer when applied and it smells nice but i love the MAC smell!
If you want to try nude lips this is a good product to start with as its very flattering and perfect if you like a full face of make up but dont want big dramatic eyes and bright lips. Its also a steal at £5.99!

Make up!

Well today i had my trial run for the worldskills competition , think it went ok...applying make up to others is a skill i still need to work on. I have gone for a burlesque dita von teese look, Please let me know what you think, i have decided to use a darker brown eyebrow pencil instead of the black i have used in the photo.

Sorry i have not been blogging as much as i wish been really busy with work and college, got some nice new products i would like to review. they will be posted soon!!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Oh my god! Viva La Lady GAGA!

I hope to goodness they bring this range to the UK if they dont I will be writing a very stern letter to MAC! Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga have come together for I think the most exciting Viva La Glam addition EVER!! Now i have seen the colours. It going to be a 2 lipsticks, one Lady Gaga lipstick called Gaga and one Cyndi lipstick called Cyndi!(well duh)

I want want want the Gaga one its a blue pink which is fantastic for nude lips, which you can see from my past blogs I love nude lips!

Cyndi's is a burnt coral red, i would like to try this too maybe this may be my perfect red.

There is a big bonus to these lippies, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT goes to Macs aid foundation!

Its previewing in America March 18th (my birthday) but no idea when its going to head to the UK!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

HMMM, You smell good!

Perfume, everyone got a favourite right?
I have a few i guess i will wear anything during the day but if am going out or
doing something really special i tend to go with two perfumes that i just love!
Vera Wang has some classic scents but my fave is Vera Wang perfume, I think this perfume is Its sweet, cute, unusual and fun. It can be seen as a young perfume but i just love it and its the only perfume people on the street have stopped me and said" wow you smell great"
As you can see i dont have much left and am saving the last drop for Valentines!

My everyday perfume is a mix between Gwen stafani Coco or Armani Diamonds
Coco smell like coconut oil, I love coconut and i wear this with my Body shop coconut butter. I smell like i should be on holiday!
Diamonds smells soft and powdery like fresh cotton. I like clean smells for during the day. It makes me

Next on my list is is Flower bomb! The lady at the perfume counter gave me a sample and i fell i love!

Born in the 80's, 80's

My new specs for spring! Very retro and i fricking love them! Got them in a vintage shop in Edinburgh. £5 Bargin!


I have a very strict cleansing routine in the morning and before bed, it has been like this since i met an beauty therapist from America and my love of all things cosmetic started. I used dermalogica for years and its fantastic but its expensive and I sometimes cant justify nearly 40pounds for a cleanser. So i have been on the quest for new cleanser. Think I found it...Boots botanics nourishing face cleanser, this is an organic cleanser and a well known brand in the UK. I love this cleanser, its olive oil based and it perfect for my dry skin, no drying out and no tightness. This is a lovely range and they have products for all skin types, so affordable its worth a try.

With my dry skin i need a super moisturising moisturiser with out being heavy and L'oreal collagen re-plumper with added collagen. I really like this product, i noticed a difference straight away after applying the results don't last all day but for moisturiser under 10 pound its a good choice.

Anew rejuvenate 24hr eye cream is a Avon product that my mum gave me(she loves eye creams) its not great but i do like how it has one side for night time and one side for day. It also has a SPF 15 in the day cream which is great, sun will age your eyes quickly!

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