Thursday, 14 January 2010

If the Blush is Right

Well I have been asked to review some BeneFit product so am going to start with the cheeks.
Now i love Benefit powder blushes but that's not what i am going to talk about its there Sheer Cream Blusher.
This is a cream blush and is available in 3 natural glow colours, its a limited colour selection but these blushers are so sheer there will be a colour that is just for you.
Its a matt shadow with no glittery bits(I love that), its quite pigmented but you only need a little and it will go a long way.
They go on so smoothly even with your face full of primer, foundation etc. etc. These blushes have no orange tone that can give you the Ummpa Lommpa look, just a warm natural glow to your cheeks that will bring a warmth to your face to see you through the winter months(and we all need that).Only downside its hard to squeeze out the tube but if this is the only worry its worth a wee wonder down to your local Benefit counter.


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