Friday, 8 July 2011

Jellybabe reincarnated!

Am so bloody excited you have no idea!!!

I got this month issue on Marie Claire, I am a subscriber of this magazine, i love all the free stuff you get, they had nails inc a couple of months ago and now this month they have Ciate lipgloss. They have two colours available hot pink and nude. I, of course chose the nude one. I opened it today and tried it! OMG! its almost identical to my beloved lipgelee jellybabe from MAC that they discontinued.(WHY WHY WHY!)

Same colour, lovely vanilla smell though not as high shine as lipgelee but still very glossy. Its almost a lux tinted lip balm. As soon as I put it on I had to blog.

These lipglosses are £9 normally and Marie Claire mag is £3.70 so its a bargin. Ciate is famed for there lux nail polishes, though i have never tried them. (am a gelaration jessica kinda gal)


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