Saturday, 8 January 2011

Disco Disco Disco!

Hey Guys,

I was out on the town last night with some friends I didnt manage to see over christmas. I was only going for "a couple", famous last words eh?
I was out all night and was sure I had had a lemonade too many if you know what i mean! HAHA! It was so much fun and def want to do it again.

I woke up not feeling so fresh but after a shower and lots of green tea I feel back to normal. I am having a girls night in tonight with some friend playing singstar and drinking wine (my liver is crying, it must think its still xmas time!!!) but any who Nazia, the girl whos hostings motto is " I might be hit by a bus!" so true lol

I wanted to show you some pictures of my make up and my hair I did for going out last night as I was quite proud of it!

I like to take pics of my hair and make up to see what others see- just me then?

I had a spray tan yesterday, it was a course to learn at college

Face - MAC studio fix NC 20
MAC Cream concealer NC 20
MAC BLOT powder Nc 30 (contouring)
MAC Cream highlighter in pearl
Mac blush swoon
Mac bronzer golden

Eyes - Mac Lassie compact from the winter tartan collection
Mac Zoom lash carbon
MAC Pencil in smolder
Revlon liner pen in black

Lips - Barry M lipstick in 101
MAC lipstick in St germain

I also dyed my hair a couple of days ago, I love being this blonde!!


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