Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dear 16 year old self.....

I got sent this video by one of my regular readers and follow blogger Nerrissa , she knows how passionate I am with sun care and protection.

I will tell you a wee story, on Sunday it was 28 degrees in Edinburgh! Totally unheard of. So my boyfriend and I went to taste of Edinburgh food festival, the sun was shining and cider flowing. I had put my usual 50 plus sunblock on but my boyfriend who is Filipino and is dark skinned thinks he doesn't need any, how wrong is he?!?! His face by the end of the day was red and the next day peeling. I read him the riot act and he PROMISED he would wear sunscreen, I even bought him some.

At the moment am using boots Soltan 50+ for the face and its really working well. Its very light doesn't leave my face looking white and chalky! At the moment boots have 2 for one on all there soltan range.


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