Sunday, 9 January 2011

So whats the plans for the next year!

Hi guys, I have had a bit of a chilled day with my boo today so I have spent the day watching boxsets we got for christmas, reading magazines and because its me over thinking about stuff. I really dont know what the future hold for me and that bothers me. I thought I would have it all figured out or at least on the way to something great. I guess I am heading some where as I am following my dream as studying beauty but am not to sure where I want THIS to take me. My ideal job would be working for a magazine reviewing products and writing, maybe am not passionate about it as I think or I have had never been pushed to reach for new dreams (small town girl with small town parents perhaps?)
I was reading this months Marie Claire magazine and it had a section called "How do I get that job" and it was about beauty writing jobs!! and I did get excited! It gave me details on how girls got there jobs as beauty assistants , editors and directors and low and be hold none of them had any beauty background, most had degrees in things that had nothing to do with beauty or even the industry of writing. A glimmer of hope...a sign? who knows! Any way lets get on to the good stuff

Whats new for the next beauty quarter,

Brights are going to be big but then again spring/summer colours tend to be bright...

Think MACs dare to wear collection (most of these colours were made to main colours and not just limited edition like some collections)

Mac have some amazing blues as well, this trend is a dramatic look and if your a Bobby Brown type of girl this trend is not for you!

Make sure you use lots of mascara and maybe a thin line of black liner as your lashes can disappear making the eye look strange and you may feel it doesnt suit you.

Green eyes really suit popping purples, it really makes them sparkle

When using blue shadows try and keep the rest of your make up simple ie lips nude. You dont want to look like an 80's reject unless thats the look your going for...

and try using two different contrasting colours to create a creative look.


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