Friday, 27 May 2011

Have a little Impulse buy?!

Exciting times as Barry M teams up with impulse body sprays to give us a bargain!

Barry M have chosen 3 of there top selling lip glosses and paired them with 3 of impulses top sellers, including there newest scent very pink!

I love barry M for fun colours, there lip glosses are highly pigmented, super shiny and don't dry out your lips.

Impulse was a fave of mine as a teen, it was the must have things to keep in your animal backpacks to help you smell fresh and gorgeous. My fave was vanilla secrets, they don't make it any more but when i ever smell something close to it, it reminds me of long summer days by the sea and chasing boys. *cringe*

Well i started wearing impulse again as its not as strong as perfume so gives a gentle scent that won't over power my clients. We arent allowed to wear strong scents as scent is a powerful sense it can cause emotional distress to clients as they could be reminded of a sad or bad time. So impulse is my new handbag must have and getting a free gloss is a bonus!

So lets see what they have on offer!

  • Very pink- this is impulses newest scent(pink grapefruit and vanilla notes), i like this one but I think its an old scent they had years ago as its very familiar, this comes with a pale pink colour. Its a very glassy baby pink and smells of strawberries. YUM
  • Tease- now i have not smelt this one but by the looks of it it looks fresh (it says zesty notes of pineapple and exotic woods) and to back this up this comes with a nude gloss.Love it!
  • Into glamour- this is my all time fave smell from impulse, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Its pure glamour! Its woody, honey and amber notes amazing! This has been paired with a clear gloss with a vanilla scent.
They are available till next weekend and cost £3.00. A bargain! I plan to get all 3!


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