Monday, 10 January 2011

When i feel in love...

I have been thinking alot about my love for make up and where it stems from, My mum doesn't wear make up. So I thought long and hard and BAM! I remembered. Her name was Anna and she was renting a room in my house when I was about 6. She had a trade mark, bright red lips! Her hair was blonde just like mine and she had cute glasses and a flash of bright red lipstick! I love it. I used to sneek into her room and try on her lipstick and stare for hours in the mirror. It made me feel so grown up and beautiful. (I was a very over weight, extremely shy child)

We lived on a wee island and make up was hard to get your hands on, all there was was a tiny Rimmel stand in the local chemist and that's where I got my first red lipstick.

From that day on I experimented with different looks but never venturing outside, I didnt want to draw attention to myself. I saved pocket money to buy Rimmel make up or when we went to the main land I would buy BOOTS natural collection which was affordable for my small amount of pocket money. I got my first job when I was ten helping an old lady clean her chalet, I would get ten pounds for the days work and all that money would go to buying make up or perfume or impulse body sprays (lol)
When I headed into high school I wore basic make up everyday, it was a mask that made me feel normal again when I was going through that awkward teen years. I didnt always get it right, concealer too light and colours that didnt suit me. I would say by the time I was 19 thats when I got my first high end make up product, chanel cristalle gloss in 17.

I loved it, I applied it 5 minutes. I still have the empty container as a little memento.
As the years have gone by I still get excited by new products and I am still excited about products I discovered years ago.

I have a greater understand of what I like, what suits me and what doesn't work.

What was your first make up love??


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