Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sculpturing is on hold!

Hey y'all was in town today and had five mins so naturally popped into Harvey Nicks to have a look around Mac to see what they had going on. I have seen a Youtube video by Kandee Johnson and she talked about using the Mac foundation stick to couture your face to make it appear thinner. I have a very round chubby looking face so I was quite excited about using this trick. I got to the counter and the lady told me they were discontinuing it! My face fell! Its a good product so I am unsure why they are doing that any way she sent me away with some samples to try at home that are suppose to be the same but in liquid form...we will just have to wait and see.

Well as i posted on my last post my straighteners have past to the great hair salon in the sky..(tear) so the next thing on my Christmas wish list is the new midnight deluxe GHD straighter set. Please Santa I can live with untamed frizz ball hair! It s a need but everyone has GHD's don't they or at less have heard of them so to days 12 presents of xmas isn't them its the NARS 13 large dome eye brush!

I love love love this brush and have gone without it since March when I was in London for my birthday. I had alittle incident when applying my shadow, this could be due to the fact I had drank some vino. oopies!
This is a great brush its made from squirrel hair (odd I know but am sure the coarseness of the hair contributes to its great nice. Its perfect for blending and I like to use it to apply the darker shadows in the V and crease.

Its £32 pound but an artist is only as good as there tools they say so well worth it!

What make up tool cant you live with out?


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