Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My gift to you!

I am going a little out of the box today and have decided to share a little hidden gem with you. I love watching make up hauls and tutorial on youtube and love discovering videos I have never seen before. Yesterday I was off and had the whole house to myself so indulged in my favourite treat and came across a channel called pixiwoo. Now They are very well known and rank 3rd in youtube guru's! Pretty good!
There videos are informal but with informative about new products and give fantastic make up ideas. As I was watching they kept mentioning a web page, well I got too excited when I clicked on the link! They stock makeupforever!! Make up forever is a brand thats widely available in the states but near impossible to get here in the UK. They also stock many brands that are not available in the UK or are like make up forever(you would sell your soul to get your hands on). They also stock lots of cool professional make up artistry products like postiches and SFX make up. Amazing!

Here is a pic of wat they can do! impressive! I wanted to put one of there videos up but it was taking forever!


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