Monday, 13 December 2010

Stars the limit!

Well am off college today which is nice but I have been so bored. The snow has caused mayhem here and over all I have had 2 weeks off! So I have been watching youtube videos and doing my xmas shopping. So I had a little lie in and my boyfriend brought me my waterbottle in bed as he knows I get so cold.(bless) He also brought me good news, he had fixed my GHD's! (hallelujah) Isn't he fab!

Well today I have added alittle glamour to the xmas present and its a gooden!
They are the gorgeous jimmy choo nuala sandal! Arent they sooooooooo pretty! Perfect for the party season I think too wear these shoes would ooze class and glamour.
They are black leather with beautiful star detailing.

These are available online and also any retailer that stocks Jimmy choo.

Go on show your star quality!


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