Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let it snow!

Oh my god! Unless you have been living under a rock you will be very aware of the sever weather we have been having. It has been snowing like crazy and I have never seen it like this in my whole life time, nearly 25 years! We have about a 3 feet of snow and the temp in the minus 5's!I know this is the normal from some parts of America and others places but for UK this is CRAZY!! I have been stuck in the house for like 4 days and I am starting to get cabin fever! This does give me alot of time to update my blog. I have also have registered a new web page but am not giving it out yet as I have no idea now to work it.

So with this cold weather you have to make sure your skin routine is up to date and changing your moisturiser to a more hydrating one is a good start. I usually use a simple age defying moisturiser in the summer months as it works well with my sun block but I need something a little thicker and more hydrating.

I am using dermalogica skin smoothing cream, I LOVE this cream! I would use this all year round if I didn't find it too heavy in the heat.
This cream is good for dry, dehydrated and premature skin types (prefect for me) I combined this with my special cleansing gel and multi active toner spray(both dermalogica) I notice a different straight away. Now dermalogica is a profession brand but is retailed. It can be quite expensive when buying the whole cleansing routine but can you really put a price on beauty...well you can but beautyflash you can get dermalogica and many other brands at wholesale price. Well worth it!


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