Saturday, 11 December 2010

Smash it!

Day two of my most wanted for Christmas presents and it has to be make up (like I don't have enough)
Smashbox is a pretty well known brand in the states but it was only introduced to the UK in late summer/early autumn and is exclusive to Debenhams (British department store). I was very excited about this. I have had my eye on a few thing but the thing I want most is the smashbox masquerade eye shadow palette. The colours are very rich and have a jewel like tone to them. They are a mix of matte and shimmery shades so you can play it save or mix it up. Smashbox eye shades are very pigmented and if you like Urban decay book of colours these are going to knock your cashmere socks off! These colours are so wearable but have enough dareness to them to create sexy dark eyes but if used wisely a warm day look.
These shadows apply easily and blend beautifully. Crease resistant is another pro,good for all skin tones but suit a fair skin the best.

The packaging is also gorgeous. Sleek and classic

On another note my GHD's have gone caput! Gutted! They are over 7 years old and have got me through many a bad hair sad! I will miss them


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