Sunday, 19 December 2010


Just realised I have not really given myself enough time to finish my xmas post. Been out alot with Christmas night outs and meeting people before I head home to the Isle of Mull. It started snowing so heavy again and they have closed the airports again...I am hoping to hitch a ride with Santa if the weather continues.

I am hoping to start Vloging on youtube after the new year. I have had to ask my little sister to show me how to make and edit video as I am so bad with technology. So I hope you guys will tune in and spread the work.
What sort of things would you like to see? I was thinking maybe even doing some beauty therapy techniques like eye lash/brow tinting and manicures, what do you think?

I ordered my new GHD's as my old ones were not as save-able as I first thought. I got them from Its a great site that has great deal and a added bonus is if you have a snapfax you get 5% off! WOO!


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