Friday, 3 December 2010

but baby its cold outside!

Hi y'all, brrrr its bloody freezing out side and it looks like this weather is here to stay! I love snow but when it stops you from being able to do anything it gets a little bit boring. So I ventured out my house after 5 days, yes count them 5 days of isolation I headed into town to cheer myself up with a little retail therapy! The idea was just to get Christmas presents for my family but how can you buy presents for everyone and not for yourself?? How selfish! haha Well I got everything for my family's Christmas(GO ME!) but i also got myself a little something something..

First is this lovely faux fur coat from new look, I was drawn to the leopard print style but I thought this brown one is more classic and also my gran had a real fur that was the spitting image of this one. She left it too me when she passed and I couldn't bring myself to wear it or get rid of it. It was 59.99 but with my student discount 20%!!! it was only like 55, i think...i also got little cute studs for 4.99 I couldn't find a pic of them and my lead has gone missing for my camera again.

I also have my college Christmas night out tomorrow night I prob be looking more forward to it if it was so bloody cold!! I got some shoe boots from new look too for my night out to go with my gorgeous nude lipsy dress but am considering just wearing my uggs as the pavements are death waiting to happen!
They are wedged so are alot more comfortable than heels and they are very comfortable.

What are your winter buys??


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