Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hot or not!!??!

Well what did you think of the BRITS last night? Cheryls miming, Robbies medley and Lady GaGa clearing the board..oh and Liam throwing his mick into the crowd!!

Bit of a wild year but isnt the BRITS always? Jarvis Cocker mooning in the middle of Micheal Jackson's earth song any one.

I couldnt wait to see what the celebs were wearing(well they were competing with GaGa) Bit of a miss match night me things!

GaGa didnt disappoint us in another original and wacky outfit but Gagaloo you have done the lace on the face thing before?? But i will give you your hair very er... Edwardian! I love Lady Gaga so am giving her a thumbs up for effect!

Lily Allan surprized me with her look, very goth not something i would have thought she would have worn but i really liked it. I love the copper eyes!

Leona, Leona what are you doing! The dress, the cuff, the shoes...all wrong! All nice but not together!! Sack your stylist...NOW!

Alexander all i have to say is YAWN!


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