Wednesday, 3 February 2010

HMMM, You smell good!

Perfume, everyone got a favourite right?
I have a few i guess i will wear anything during the day but if am going out or
doing something really special i tend to go with two perfumes that i just love!
Vera Wang has some classic scents but my fave is Vera Wang perfume, I think this perfume is Its sweet, cute, unusual and fun. It can be seen as a young perfume but i just love it and its the only perfume people on the street have stopped me and said" wow you smell great"
As you can see i dont have much left and am saving the last drop for Valentines!

My everyday perfume is a mix between Gwen stafani Coco or Armani Diamonds
Coco smell like coconut oil, I love coconut and i wear this with my Body shop coconut butter. I smell like i should be on holiday!
Diamonds smells soft and powdery like fresh cotton. I like clean smells for during the day. It makes me

Next on my list is is Flower bomb! The lady at the perfume counter gave me a sample and i fell i love!


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