Sunday, 21 February 2010

ZOEVA! I need you!

Am so excited about this product, its not a new one and i would like to know how i missed this! Its the Zoeva palettes! They are AMAZING!

Now they are a German make but they deliver to the UK(thank god)
My favourite on is the palette in 88, it has a wide range of colours and the 88 palette is a range of matte colours no shine, no frost! Now this palette is so cheap!! 14.95 euros this includes VAT and shipping costs! and the colours are amazing!Now you would think at this price its going to be shitty cheap make up but your wrong! The shadows feels expensive and last on the lids! check out the web page as they have eye shadow palettes, blusher palettes and concealer palettes! I want them all and as they are so affordable I think i will! They have a great range of make up brushes as well! Go on its worth it!


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