Monday, 26 April 2010

Too wax or not to wax!

hello y'all! I am in the last few weeks of my beauty therapy course (7 weeks exact) and its all very exciting. Though i have a very busy week ahead of me. I have a make up acessessment and a facial one too but after that no more! Yah!

I was reading an article in allure just this min about the Brazilian wax. I think the bikini wax isn't as much as a must have as it is in USA and other countries.( how else do us scots stay warm) not am not saying we don't look after our lady gardens but its quite an expensive up keep I feel in this country and home waxing can take alot of time. What do you think?

In America its the norm where we over the pond are abit slower in catching up. In the salon we always have ppl coming in for waxing but bikini seems to only be had by the people going on there holidays. Why is this? too expensive? too little time? cant be bothered?

Talking to others they all seem to say "take the lot off" as British are we too much of a prude to get it all out for a therapist (who has seen it all before and doesnt really care, I know)
I have had lots and lots of waxes and dont find the experience to embarrassing though the first was rather a strange experience it now feels like the norm!
Are you put of with all the options? What is the difference between a brazillian and a hollywood? or a bollywood and a shaped? It quite confusing!
This is slowly becoming more and more popular in the UK but its not just waxing that we are years behind. Our whole beauty industry is light years behind. Who is Britain has a weekly facial? Prices are too high, too many to choose from will we ever get there?


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