Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sorry I cant help myself!

I am so sorry! It has been so long! My computer has exploded and I am too tight to buy a new one so using my BFs when i get the chance!

I have been converting the new GAGA lippie from MAC but its completely sold out! I have been assured it will be back in very soon! I love the colour so bad. I was in Mac yesterday and tried it. AMAZING!!

So as i said I was in MAC and you know I cant go in that place and not bu something! I have had my eye on a few things at the moment and NONE where is stock gutted. Firstly I wanted the naked lip liner from the too fabulous range(You all know about my love of nude lips) but alas SOLD OUT! Tho my Mac artist, Kelvin recommended In sync which is the closest nude colour they have. It is a lovely nude reddy colour that goes well with all my nude lippies I have. I also got fashion snoop which is a cremesheen gloss from the too fab range.

Its not at pigmented as it looks in promo picture but is a glossy sheer nude pink with a very glassy look which is great! I also purchased a dazzleglass which I wouldnt normally have picked because i dont like glitterly glosses but was surprised by this one. I couldnt feel the glitter in the gloss, it wasnt gritty at all and it was (just as it says on the ti) dazzly! lol It made my lips look gorgeous and interesting! Great for a night out I say! It got this in Moth to flame and guess what! Its a nude!Its a natural beigh with a violet peal through it lovely. I wear the In sync lip liner under it to add a more pigmented colour and also so make it last longer!


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