Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fairy Dust!

My boy took me to the cinema today to see "The other guys" it wasnt as funny as I thought it was going to be but I did enjoy it. After we went for a walk through John Lewis, its a fave place of mine as there is so much in there, I love the home section. (they had the xmas dec up as well today which kinda got me excited!) as i was in there i decided to do what I normally do when am in there and purchase one of my favourite little indulgence, Lily Flame candle in fairy dust.

Its my favourite scent EVA! Its hard to describe this scent, its kinda unique and sophisticated sugary sweet. It reminds me of turkish delight. I can burn these candles all day but am afraid they dont last very long but I dont care I love going into a room and smelling this aroma! They have so many scents to chose from bathing beauty, coconut grove and blush just to name a very small few.

Most of these scents also come in a room spray and scent defuser.

P.s I am also super excited because I have just ordered my new Massage table! EEEEEEEE!


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