Monday, 20 September 2010

Sun is Shining but am not burning!

Now i will put my hands up and say I have not been the best with sun protection. As am soon turning 25 this means I fall into the mature skin category.(That right skin on a 25 and over is mature skin) I have to start making sure am doing the best for my skin as I can and wearing sun factor is a biggie!! How many of you think "ah, its cloudy I dont need any factor!" WRONG! so so wrong! The UV rays are so strong they still penetrate the grey clouds we see a little too often in the UK! Now I have sun factor in my moisturiser and also in my foundation but some times the sun factor given on the jar isnt nearly as high as it says. This is even true for some of the sun creams available so make sure your using a high factor.


Did you know that mixing your sun factor with your moisturiser or foundation almost half's the SPF of the sun cream! So mix a factor 30, you only get a factor 17 coverage...scary huh??

So I have been experimenting with some and have found a really nice light face sun cream it from the Avon sun plus collection. Now this is a cream which is a factor 30 and as a bonus it has a sun block stick (its clear so you dont have mad colours striped across your face or ghost out your face)
Its quite a light cream and I have been putting it on before my moisturiser but this sinks right into the skin and doesnt leave any oily films on your face so applying my moisturiser didnt leave my face like an oil slick. I love the smell, it smells like watermelon which I really like. The smells doesnt hang around it and you cant smell it after you have out it on.
There are alot of sun protection in Avon and they are very afford able.

I will be using this everyday and topping up through the day with the stick as its perfect size for my hand bag! Now come on guys it takes two secs to put on and will keep the nasty sun damage off your skin and keep it young! Fake tan is the way forward, dont fry for a tan!


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